Technology consulting, architecture

Refactoring your code base to be more modern Capacity planning? How do we scale this?

Often one of the most productive ways we can help is to help with planning and architecture designs when building a new system, refactoring an old one or just needing a "quick boost" by changing the systems a bit to "work smarter".

Implementation & Development

For some clients we do full-scale development work. Most of our work these days are variations of web-applications, but we are obviously not limited to that. Sometimes we do ongoing maintenance and development, sometimes our help is just to get a start on a new product before the in-house development group takes over. Either way then we deliver a high-quality, well designed, unit-tested code-base.

Typically we write in Go or Perl, but we can do Ruby or C too (or even PHP or Python for the right client).

Depending on the project we can structure the development either in an agile model or in a waterfall model (while out of fashion, sometimes it's the right tool). Either way then we'll use state-of-the art tools to manage the project (Git, bug tracking, wikis etc).

The technologies aren't always important, but stuff we really like around here include Go, Perl, Apache httpd, Varnish, nginx, Apache Traffic Server, caching, memcached, redis, FreeBSD, Linux (system configuration and maintenance - one server or 5000), MySQL, DNS (djbdns, mydns, bind, the DNS protocol, custom DNS servers), SMTP (qmail, qpsmtpd, postfix, the SMTP protcol, custom SMTP servers), NNTP (innd, colobus, custom nntp servers), Revision Control Systems (Git, Subversion, CVS, ...), Issue tracking (Request Tracker, Bugzilla)... and many more.

We stick to the areas we excel at, so if your project is outside our domain we'll get you referred and make sure you are in capable hands. Feel free to ask and we'll help.

System maintenance

For some clients we do ongoing system maintenance and tweaking to keep their production systems in top-notch form, keeping up with new revisions of the system tools, track down problems, etc. We can do that for systems of everything from one server to many hundreds. (Hundreds are more work of course, but really not that much!)

A variation of this is to just have us help install better tools for you to manage your servers. For example Munin, Nagios and Puppet.

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