You really want Adium.

I provide occasional Nitro builds here. Nitro is a mighty cool Jabber client for Mac OS X.

Nitro is written by Dave "DizzyD" Smith and a bunch of other brave contributors. I don't do anything but build and package Nitro once in a while when I need to update the version I use on my powerbook.

Why use a development build?!

Because it has different bugs than the last proper release...

Recent changes includes much better logging features and numerous other improvements and fixes. GPG support has been taken out again awaiting implementation of a proper E2E jabber standard.

Last builds

  • 6A11 - February 22 2004
  • 6A10 - February 16 2004
  • 6A07 - December 17 2003
  • 6A04 - October 30 2003 (build on Panther, not tested on Jaguar -- requires libgpgme installed via fink)
  • 6A01 - May 1 2003
  • 5A02 - April 19 2003
  • 5A01 - April 17 2003

Send a mail to to get announcements when I make a new build.

Build instructions

Follow the cvs instructions to checkout "acid" and "nitro" into for example ~/src/acid/ and ~/src/nitro/

First compile acid and then nitro and you just might possible be good to play.